Red and Yellow Creative School of Business Application

Red and Yellow Creative School of Business Application is a South African institute that offers excellent distance and traditional learning. Founded in 1994, the school has taken a keen interest in expanding the knowledge and skills of its students. Its headquarter is in Cape Town, and it offers full-time courses only at its Cape Town campus. 

R&Y has a total student population of 300 students with a 15:1 student to staff ratio. It promotes creativity, creates a safe space for students from all backgrounds, and promotes cultural diversity. Red and Yellow Creative School of Business promotes respect for all irrespective of race, social class, religious beliefs, cultural beliefs. The need for excellence causes the tutors and students to strive to outdo themselves at every turn constantly. Red and Yellow Creative School of Business also offers scholarships to deserving students annually. It promotes talented individuals and enables them to monetize their talent in the real world. The goal is to train entrepreneurs who are equipped with new-age skills. 


  • South African prospective students have to provide their ID numbers. International prospective students will provide their passport number instead. 
  • A valid email address to ease communication between R&Y and you. 

How to Apply 

  • R&Y has a skills assessment section. Complete the section and move to the next step. 
  • Next, fill the application form with the following information. 
  • Do well to fill in true and verifiable information wherever you are asked. R&Y demands your email and phone number to serve as a means of communication between you and the school.
  • Choose the program you are applying for. 
  • Fill in our personal information such as your name, email, phone number, ID number, postal code, postal address, and medical aid. 
  • If you are not a student but a company enrolling for an employee, skip sections 02 and 03. 
  • Section 02 requires you to fill in the information of the person that is responsible for the account. 
  • If the person whose details you filled in section 02 is your parent or guardian, then skip part B of section 02. Go straight to section 3. If not, fill part B with the details of your legal guardian or parent. 
  • Fill section 03 with the employer information of the person in charge of the account. 
  • Section 04 is reserved for companies who are enrolling an employee. Fill this section with information about the company that is responsible for the account. Include the details of who to contact at the company. 
  • Go over your application form to ensure the details are correct and accurate. 
  • Upload all the aforementioned documents required for the application process. 

Courses Offered

Red and Yellow Creative School of Business offers long and short courses that are tailored to the needs of students. Here is a list of their short courses and the amount of time required to complete the courses.

  • Graphic Design (14 weeks)
  • Social Media Marketing (10 weeks)
  • Design Thinking (10 weeks)
  • Marketing Strategy (6 weeks)
  • Digital Marketing: Introduction (6 weeks)
  • Professional Certificate in Digital Marketing (14 weeks)
  • Sales and Account Management Fundamentals (5 weeks)
  • Operational Finance (10 weeks)
  • People Management (10 weeks)
  • User Experience Design (10 weeks)
  • Data Principles & Visualisation (10 weeks)
  • Marketing 101 (10 weeks)
  • Performance Media (10 weeks)
  • Search Engine Optimization (10 weeks)
  • Project Management (10 weeks)
  • Digital Content & Copywriting (12 weeks)
  • Digital Marketing (10 weeks)
  • Entrepreneurial Thinking (10 weeks)
  • Media Planning (10 weeks)
  • Creative Thinking (5 weeks)

Full-time courses 

  • Advanced Diploma in Marketing and Advertising Communication (1 year) | NQF 7
  • Bachelor of Visual Communication (3 years) | NQF 7
  • Higher Certificate in Graphic Design (1 year) | NQF 5
  • Advanced Diploma in User-Centered Design (1 year) | NQF 7
  • Bachelor of Commerce: Marketing (3 years) | NQF 7
  • Higher Certificate in Creating Digital Content (1 year) | NQF 5
  • Advanced Diploma in Copywriting (1 year) | NQF 7

Skills Programmes / Custom Programmes

  • Community Management
  • Digital Media
  • Social Media
  • Digital PR
  • Digital Marketing
  • Client Service
  • Digital Design
  • Art of Management
  • Presentation Skills
  • Design Thinking
  • Customer Experience

Part-time online Accredited Programmes

  • National Certificate in Advertising: Creating Digital Content (1 year part-time) NQF 5
  • National Certificate in Design Techniques: user-centred Design (1 year part-time) NQF 5
  • Advanced Diploma in Digital Marketing (2 years part-time) | NQF 7
  • National Certificate in Advertising: Digital Marketing (1 year part-time) NQF 5


  • Late applications are not processed in the Red and Yellow Creative School of Business. Check the application date and apply as soon as you can. 
  • Check your email after your application to get confirmation that R&Y received it.  


For more information, contact Red and Yellow Creative School of Business through any of these lines.

Tel: +27 872 273 283


Head Office: 97 Durham Avenue, Salt River, Cape Town, South Africa 7925

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