DPSA Vacancies Application

DPSA Vacancy Online Application

The DPSA’s (Department of Public Service and Administration) job is to ensure that the State machines (departments) are functioning correctly at all times and standards are met, maintained and adhered to. If this is not the case, then the DPSA makes sure that they implement interventions to ensure compliance and improve service delivery and eliminate Corruption at all costs.

The DPSA is also responsible for the administration and organization of government employees’ labour relations, the service of Government IT (Information Technology) and public relations matters of Government employees.  

The DPSA Vacancy Online application process begins when the DPSA publishes a Circular for any vacant posts; weekly, on their website but except only in December. The Circular will include vacancies or posts available in the Public Service Departments. So if you’re looking to apply for jobs /vacancies in the DPSA (or the Government in general), then you need to search for ‘Circulars’ in that particular department that you wish to get into. Once you have the latest Circular, then you will see which vacant posts or jobs are available that you can apply for. 

To apply for the DPSA Vacancy Online, you will need to follow these three simple steps mentioned below. 

Step 1: You will need to fill and complete the Z83 form. A Z83 form is a form used to apply for Vacancies at the department. Use this link http://www.dpsa.gov.za/vacancies.php  to download the form in PDF format. Or visit their Homepage here http://www.dpsa.gov.za/ 

Please note: You can use (the Android’ Play Store’, Apples’ App Store’ or Search ‘PDF Viewer’ on Google to download on your computer) to download a PDF viewer, the latest version for free! 

Step 2: Ensure that you fill all sections required and include your qualifications, knowledge, reference number (for the vacancy) and anything else that they require. You might also need to include your CV.

Step 3: Submit /forward the Z83 form with all necessary documents to the department you’re applying for. Only send/ submit the form to the DPSA if you’re applying for a Vacancy post they have published as available on ‘their’ department.

Minimum requirements for the DPSA Vacancy will differ depending on the vacancy you’re applying for. On a Circular, it will be stated what the requirements and qualifications a person must have to be even considered for that post. If, for some reason, you’re not sure or don’t trust the department you’re applying to, then use this link http://www.dpsa.gov.za/psearch/  to verify whether that person is employed in the Public Service Department.  

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