About Us

We believe education is the most significant catalyst to change and started The Next Pages in 2018 as a blog. We aimed to guide South African applicants who want to apply for various educational institutions with detailed, step-by-step information. Nearing our 4th year in 2023, we are expanding this blog to include additional services.

We provide information on colleges, application processes for colleges, funding, and career applications. As the premier entity to provide unfiltered information and guidance to students, potential students, and their families, we remain neutral in the entire process.

For example, we have detailed information about the Ekhurleni West College application and the Northlink College application process, along with many other types of education and training institutions. This includes public and private institutions, colleges, universities, technical institutes, business school, vocational schools, and distance learning options.

Please note, though we try to update the information database regularly, we might miss something or have a short delay. If you notice any incorrect data, kindly contact us to make the necessary changes.

As a guide to all South African institutions, we aim to help make things easier for an applicant to apply for various institutions. We do not represent any institution stated on this blog. You need to contact the institution directly in case of anything concerning admission, courses or enrollment.

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