PSIRA Registration: Step-by-Step Guide

If you want to establish yourself or your business in South Africa’s lucrative security industry, you must complete your PSiRA registration. PSiRA was established based on the Private Security Industry Regulation Act 56 of 2001. The organisation’s purpose is to regulate the security industry and ensure people who provide security services are doing it to […] Read more

DPSA Vacancies Application

DPSA Vacancy Online Application The DPSA’s (Department of Public Service and Administration) job is to ensure that the State machines (departments) are functioning correctly at all times and standards are met, maintained and adhered to. If this is not the case, then the DPSA makes sure that they implement interventions to ensure compliance and improve […] Read more

South African Police Service (SAPS) Application

Ever wanted to be a champion on the side of justice in South Africa?There are many of these champions. We see them every day in their blue uniforms, and they make us feel safe. Young kids often idolize them and dream of being heroes like they are. Their job is to protect good people and […] Read more

How to Apply For A South African Smart ID Card Online

The South African Department of Home Affairs has introduced a process to take the frustrating queuing and waiting out of acquiring an ID card. The new approach can be completed online and only requires a short visit to a bank instead of queueing for hours at a Home Affairs office. There are, however, some requirements […] Read more

Sars Efiling: How to Submit Tax Return Online

SARS eFiling is a free online process for the submission of tax returns in South Africa. This service makes it possible for taxpayers, including businesses, to submit returns securely online. If your total income for the year is not more than R500 000, you do not need to submit a tax return. The procedure for […] Read more