Regenesys Business School: How to Apply

With alumni of more than 200,000 students from 190 countries, Regenesys Business School first rose to popularity because of its globally recognized MBA program. The school has also created a name as a leading distance learning institute with offices in Lagos, Mumbai, and Sandton. Studying at Regenesys Business School means you have the upper hand when entering your chosen career or when furthering your career perspectives. If you want to study at one of the country’s foremost business schools, continue reading to learn how to apply to Regenesys Business School.

Studying At Regenesys

Regenesys Business School differs from other higher education institutions because it has a very stringent and exclusive registration process. The school offers its student loans and – since it is a private institution – is not capable of receiving NSFAS loans.

Minimum Requirements

Depending on the course you’re selecting, you can expect minimum requirements to include a minimum age of 23 and 2 years of work experience for any undergraduate programme. 

You also may need to supplement your application with a motivational letter and interview before being accepted into the school. However, you can learn more about what the minimum requirements are by reviewing the information for your course under the Academic Programmes tab and selecting your course from the drop-down menu.


The programmes offered by Regenesys Business School range from certificate programmes to Masters and Doctorate programmes. The school also specialises in finance, accounting, business, and management and has programmes available in these niches.


Due to the nature of the programmes and the global recognition, students who attend Regenesys can expect to pay for this quality. You can learn more about Regenesys Business School fees by downloading the school’s fee structure.

How To Apply To Regenesys Business School Online

Since Regenesys only has headquarters in Sandton, most of its processes take place online, including course materials and some classes. However, attending college begins by applying online.

Step 1: Visit The Application Portal

You can begin the application process by going to You will then need to fill in your name, last name, nationality, ID number, highest qualification, payment mode – monthly, semester, annually – and your chosen course.

Step 2: Fill In Your Details & Upload Your Documents

Now you will be required to fill in additional information such as your residential address, race, date of birth, and occupation. Thereafter, you will be required to upload necessary documentation such as a copy of your ID and latest qualification.

Step 3: Pay A Registration Fee

You will then be redirected to a page to pay a non-refundable R1,000 registration fee.

Step 4: Submit Your Application

After you’ve paid your registration fee, you will be able to submit your application for processing. 

Alternatively, consider enquiring about your course before starting the application process.

As one of the most exclusive learning institutions for business professionals, it’s ideal to contact one of Regenesys’ consultants to understand what Regenesys offers and whether it’s the right choice for you. You can reach the school on 011 669 5000 or email

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