INTEC College Online Application – 2023 Admission

INTEC College is one of the leading distance learning colleges in South Africa. The institution has been around for over 100 years, making it one of the oldest private higher education institutions in South Africa. It offers a wide range of courses across different disciplines and NQF levels. There is something for everyone. From business studies to creative arts, students are spoiled for choice. The institution is registered with the Department of Higher Education and Training, the Council of Quality Assurance and Umalusi. 

Application Process-How to apply to INTEC College?

Step 1: Choose Your field of study

Before you begin with your application process, you need to know which course you will be pursuing. After deciding, you can search for that course in the allocated box on the INTEC official website

Step 2: Complete the application form

Fill in the application fully and accurately. Provide valid personal details. You will need a valid South African ID number or a passport number. You will also need a personal email address and a valid cellphone number. Email your form to

Step 3: Pay the Admission Fee

You will be required to pay a minimum amount in order to be registered or a full tuition fee. This differs from one course to the next. 

You’re all set! That’s all you need to apply to INTEC College Online

Study Fees

Study Fees differ from course to course; however they range from as little as R4000.00 for a three months course to R20000.00 for yearly courses. Tuition fee does not include study material such as prescribed textbooks and exam costs.

Programmes offered by INTEC College

INTEC courses cater to everyone. From academics and career-driven to those who are curious and seek to expand their knowledge in different fields. The institution has four faculties, namely the faculty of commerce, faculty of Science and Technology, Faculty of Education, and the faculty of Humanities. 

Faculty of Commerce

The faculty of commerce has 85 courses to choose from. 33 which are diplomas and 52 which are certificates. All these courses are offered on a part-time basis; that is, they are remote. 

Some of the Diplomas and Certificates offered in the faculty of Commerce

  • Diploma: Commerce: General Management
  • Diploma: Professional Secretary
  • Diploma: Personal Assistant
  • Higher Diploma: Executive Assistant
  • Diploma: Business Management
  • INTEC Higher Diploma: Commerce General Management
  • Diploma: Management
  • Higher Diploma: Management
  • National Certificate: N6 Management Assistant
  • National Certificate: N5 Business Management
  • National Certificate: N4 Management Assistant
  • National Certificate: N4 Business Management
  • National Certificate: N6 Business Management
  • Certificate: Secretarial Studies
  • Certificate: Business Studies
  • Certificate: Introduction to Project Management
  • Certificate: General Administration
  • National Certificate: N6 Financial Management
  • Higher Diploma: Accounting
  • Diploma: Accounting
  • Higher Certificate: Commerce: Financial Accounting
  • Certificate: Commerce: Financial Accounting
  • National Certificate: N4 Financial Management
  • Certificate: Commerce: Cost and Management Accounting
  • Certificate: Commerce: Credit Management
  • Diploma: Commerce: Cost and Management Accounting
  • Diploma: Bookkeeping 
  • Diploma in Public Relations
  • Higher Diploma: Commerce: Marketing Management

Faculty of Humanities

The faculty of Humanities has twenty-eight courses in total, seven diplomas and twenty-one certificates. All the courses are offered in the distance learning study method. 

Some of the Diplomas and Certificates offered in Humanities

  • Diploma: Paralegal
  • Higher Diploma: Legal Secretaries
  • Diploma: Psychology: Development and Industrial
  • Diploma: Hotel Management
  • Diploma: Personal Fitness Trainer
  • Certificate: Industrial Psychology
  • Diploma: Law and Taxation

Faculty of Education

The faculty of education is the smallest faculty with only ten courses. 

Some of the courses offered by the faculty of education

  • National Certificate: N6 EduCare
  • Higher Certificate: Early Childhood Development
  • National Senior Certificate (Without CASS)
  • Amended Senior Certificate Grade 12-CAPS

Faculty of Science and Technology

This is the second biggest faculty with eighty courses to choose from. It offers eleven diplomas and sixty-nine certificates. All these courses are offered remote, i.e. online.

Some of the courses offered by the Faculty of Science and Technology

  • Diploma: Motor Engineering
  • Higher Diploma: Mechanical Engineering
  • Diploma: Analytical Chemistry
  • Diploma: Construction Technology: Building Surveying
  • National Certificate: N1-N6 Electrical Studies

Now that you know how to apply to INTEC College Online take advantage today and register for any of the courses listed above. INTEC College has a history of producing high-quality students across different learning platforms /courses. It’s no surprise since they have more than a Century’s worth of experience in the distance learning field.

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