How to Appy to Pearson Institute Online

If young, fresh and funky is your flavour, then you have yourself a home at the Pearson Institute of Higher Learning. As an institution of the modern era, Pearson positions itself as a school designed for the working professional. They have a strong leaning towards part-time learning.

One of their strengths is the state of the art online learning platform, which, when coupled with their modular-based delivery approach, has allowed them to be more responsive to this turbulent pandemic period than most of their competitors.

Flexibility is paramount at Pearson, so instead of having fixed start dates for programmes at the beginning of the year, students have multiple opportunities to start at a time that suits their schedule.

This shining example of the school of the future boasts a vast footprint in more than 65 countries. Driven by a passion for the culture of learning, Pearson is always on the path of expansion – ever acquiring local successful learning hubs. That is how this relatively young educational giant has managed to have 12 campuses across South Africa.

There are two key streams which are Commerce and Information Systems. 

The Commerce stream offers a generic Bachelor of Commerce, which covers all the basics required to survive any area of the business world. There are also alternatives for specialisation in either Accounting or Law. The Bachelor of Business Administration offers an even broader scope across the business for the individual who seeks to diversify at a higher level. Those who do not qualify for the degree programme may lay the correct foundation by starting with the Higher Certificate in Business Management. Upon completion thereof, one can then pursue the remainder of a complete degree.

On the opposite end of the spectrum is the ever-popular domain of Information Systems. With the advent of the 4th Industrial Revolution, the prominence of this stream can only grow stronger. Here, a student can choose among the intriguing domains of Software Development, Robotics & Intelligent Systems, and Engineering. These are all offered as specialisations at the level of a Higher Certificate. The longer Bachelor of Science in Information Systems aims to attract students who want to develop programming and hardware skills. For those seeking quicker results, there is also a Short Learning Programme in Basic Programming.

The Pearson model, as described above, allows them to offer their students an individualised and personalised experience by keeping the class sizes small. 

To start your journey with this institution of the future, take the bold move to navigate to and explore the individual courses under the two main streams. To understand the cost of each programme, visit its dedicated page. Here, one can also learn about the specific requirements for an entry per programme.

Their Frequently Asked Questions page is rich with answers that can immediately get you going towards making your final decision to call the Pearson Institute of Higher learning your academic home.

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