How to Apply to Northlink College 2023

Located in the northern suburbs of Cape Town, Northlink College is both an award-winning and illustrious FET college. With over seven campuses and 20,000 students, the college has an extensive network of students and campuses, allowing Cape Town students to reach many campuses with a mere taxi, train, or bus ride from their home. If you’re thinking of attending a FET college or improving your chances of employment learn how to apply to Northlink College with the information below.

Step by Step Guide To Apply To Northlink College

To help you get started, you can follow the steps below that outline how to apply to Northlink college online and how to apply to Northlink College offline. These steps allow you to choose the option that works best for you.

Applying To Northlink College Online

The college encourages learners to apply online as this is a quicker way to track your application and ensure your application is free of errors. It also helps the college to update your online profile with information regarding your registration. So, if you have consistent access to the internet, this is the preferred way to apply.

Step 1: Find The Right Course For You

Before you apply to Northlink College online, you’ll need to know which programme you want to complete, as this is a critical step in the online application. 

You can learn more about the course options by downloading the Northlink programme catalogue.

When you’ve decided what you would like to study, you will need to give Northlink College two programme options so that if you don’t qualify for one course, you may still be able to qualify for another.

Step 2: Understand The Fee Structure

When applying, you should also be aware of the fee structure required for your prospective course. Because if you are not applying for NSFAS funding, you will be required to pay 35% of your course fees to start the course and pay the remaining amount to be able to sit for the exams.

You can access Northlink College’s fee policy here.

Step 3: Sign Up

To complete your online application, you will need a Northlink profile. You can sign up by clicking “Apply” in the uppermost green search bar and then, once redirected to the application page, clicking sign up.

Step 4: Complete The Application Process

Now that you have signed up for a Northlink profile, you will be requested to fill in the course information. You will also be required to attach a certified copy of your ID document and matric results to the application.

Applying To Northlink College Offline/Hard-copy

If you don’t have consistent access to the internet, you can apply offline by following steps one and two of the online application process. By downloading the fee policy and the course catalogue. You can then complete the process by following the steps below:

Step 1: Download The Necessary Form

If you want to apply offline, you will need to download the Northlink College application form. You can do that by going to the Northlink College website, clicking on “Apply” in the white navigation bar and then clicking “Apply” from the drop-down menu. You will then be redirected to an application page where you can scroll to the bottom to find a prompt to download the Northlink Application form. Alternatively, you can also download the application form from their site.

Step 2: Fill In The Information

You will then need to complete the application form by filling in your personal information, your contact information, your course information, as well as attaching a certified copy of your ID and any relevant qualification, like your matric certificate.

Step 3: Submit Your Application

To submit your application, you will either need to fax your application to 086 027 8839 or email your application to You can also post your application to:

Northlink College
Student Applications
Private Bag X1

or hand-deliver it to a Northlink College campus.

Step 4: Pay Your Registration Fee

If accepted, and to be able to attend your classes, you will need to pay a registration fee and 35% of your course fee if your course exceeds a 3-month duration. You can find out more about how the fee structure works by downloading the Northlink College fee policy.

Northlink College has several study programmes, ranging from medical to marketing courses. Since they offer several learning options, the application process remains open year-round, so you can apply at any time, especially if you want to study through distance learning. 

However, suppose you want to keep up to date with the school’s application process and other requirements. In that case, you can get those updates in real-time by following them on social media. You can interact with them on Twitter @Northlink or Facebook @Northlink.

Northlink Qualifications Offered

The College offers a wide variety of qualifications that fit into the following categories:
Arts and Culture
Business, Commerce and Management Studies
Law, Military and Security
Manufacturing, Engineering and Technology
Physical Planning and Construction
Physical, Mathematical, Computer and Life Sciences

View more information on these courses here.

Application/Registration Dates

Engineering Studies:

N1 (New students): Registration: 19 January – 22 January
Classes commence: 25 January
N2, N3, N4, N5, N6 (Returning students): Registration: 25 January – 29 January
Classes commence: 01 February

Other Applications are open at different times throughout the year, depending on the course you want to study.

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