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Tshwane North College is one of the 50 Technical and Vocational Education and Training colleges in South Africa. It has about 21000 students studying different academic programs throughout its 6 campuses in Mamelodi, Pretoria, Temba, Rosslyn, Soshanguve South, and Soshanguve North. 

Tshwane North College takes the progress and wellbeing of its students seriously. Through its impressive teaching techniques, it has proven over the years that each student is a unique individual with the potential to succeed with a little extra guidance. Due to this, Tshwane North College has an ongoing assessment program for to-be students. The goal is to assess factors that affect their pass rate, failure rate, and what makes them want to stay in school or drop out. After this assessment, the college body critically analyzes each student’s response to the different sections and works to improve on that sector. This method has worked wonders since its inception because it brings the authorities close to the students and gives them an idea of their weaknesses, strengths and how to bring out the genius in each one of them. 

Tshwane North College is in support of forming a profitable network to ensure scalability, and that is why it has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with corporate bodies such as Health and Welfare SETA and Samsung to get appropriate equipment that will enhance learning and comprehension. 

We are certain that you are reading this article because you want to apply to Tshwane North College. Hold still while we take you through the entire process.  

How to apply to Tshwane North College

  • Visit the official Tshwane North College website at https://tnc.edu.za/programmes/prospectus-and-programmes.
  • Check if Tshwane North College is offering the programme of your choice.
  • If it does, go through the specific requirements for that programme and prepare them before applying. 
  • Choose the campus into which you want to enrol.  
  • Create a valid email address through which the school can send your student number as confirmation of receipt immediately after submitting your application. The email should be professional and not one that has your nickname. Submit your email address and a phone number when prompted. 
  • Get an application from the website and fill it correctly from start to finish. Do not leave out any information. 

International Students

In addition to the above documentation, international students should submit their documents to the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA). A study permit must also be presented that covers the study period of the student’s course. International students can contact SAQA at the following address:

Postnet Suite 248/Private BagX06, Waterkloof 0145. 

Alternatively, foreign students can get more information from SAQAs website: www.saqa.org.za


  • Birth Certificate
  • A valid South African ID card number or passport number. Provide evidence that you have applied for a new ID/passport if you don’t have one at hand. 
  • True copies of your recent academic results 
  • Qualifications and Certificates 
  • Account statements that are less than three months old. 
  • Municipal billing document that is not more than three months old. 
  • Pay the application fee that appears on your application form. 
  • Apply before the closing date, which is the 

In addition to these, foreign students have to submit 

  • The South African Qualification Authority Evaluation Certificate. 
  • A valid permit to study in a South African institution. 

Note that Tshwane North College uses your email, phone number, and ID information to verify that it is you. Therefore, provide only true and accurate information. 


Economically disadvantaged South African nationals with an annual household income less than R 350,000 and who have registered or are planning to register in TNC can apply for the National Student Financial Aid Scheme. It covers registration and tuition, accommodation in urban, peri-urban, and rural areas, transportation if a student lives over 40km away from school, and personal/incidental care allowance. 

Tshwane North College Registration 

  • Visit the TNC iEnabler registration portal
  • Log in to the portal using your student number and pin (the number you received via email immediately after applying). 
  • If you have a query with regards to the online registration process, carefully read the error message that appears before directly reaching out to the administration for assistance. 
  • Visit the official website of Tshwane North College to go through the section for frequently asked questions. Or scroll through the college’s social media handles to find the answer(s) to your question(s).
  • Only contact Tshwane North College’s help desk when you are sure the answers to your questions are not on any of those platforms. 
  • Send them an email to info@tnc.edu.za or call the number 012 401 1600. 

Before lockdown measures were implemented, these were the application dates for 2023:

11 – 15 Jan: Online registration for new students in all programmes. 

18 – 20 Jan: Senior students (promoted) online registration in all programmes. 

19 – 27 Jan: Online registration for occupational programmes. 

21 – 22 Jan: Online registration for students with 1 & 2 subjects in all programmes. 

25 – 27 Jan: Exam only registration for all programmes. 

4 – 12 Feb: Online registration for NC (V) Supplementary Examinations. 

Tshwane North College Courses

Here is a comprehensive list of the courses/programmes Tshwane North College offers according to the different fields of study. 

Business Studies 

  • Office Administration 
  • Generic Management
  • Marketing 
  • Finance Economics and Accounting 

Utility and Social Studies 

  • Hospitality 
  • Tourism 
  • Safety in Society 

Engineering Studies 

  • Engineering and Related Design 
  • Electrical Engineering 
  • Civil Engineering and Building Construction 
  • Mechanical Engineering 
  • Electrical Infrastructure Construction

Other courses/programmes

  • Garment Making
  • Events Management
  • Linen Making
  • Fashion Design
  • Manicure, Pedicure and Make-Up
  • End-User Computing
  • Baking
  • PC Repair
  • Project Management
  • Flower Arranging
  • Curtain Making
  • Upholstery
  • Confectionery Baking
  • Cosmetology/ Beauty Therapy
  • Hairdressing NQF Level 2-4

Like every higher institution with a vision to expand, Tshwane North College introduced Artisan Artisanship Development Programmes in April 2014. ADT students have engaged in work experiential learning at the Human Settlement Department. As part of the “Decade of the Artisan”, 26 Artisans have been trained in sectors such as electrical engineering, fitting and turning, and bricklaying. 

Despite having limited resources relative to demand, the college is putting in considerable effort to meet up international standards of education. It not only focused on the theoretical aspect of learning but also emphasizes the practical aspect. The reason being, TNC wants to produce students who will be for the work environment even before graduating. 

If you have inquiries that are specific to a campus registration, choose from the list below and contact the campus.

  • Pretoria Campus at 012 401 1601
  • Temba Campus at 012 401 1700
  • Mamelodi Campus at 012 401 1800
  • Soshanguve South Campus at 012 401 1999
  • Soshanguve North Campus at 012 401 1900
  • Rosslyn Campus at 012 401 1750
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