How to Apply Online to Elangeni TVET College

Elangeni TVET College is a technical and vocational college that offers students in the Durban area the opportunity to obtain a National Diploma or National Certificate in a variety of disciplines. Spread out across eight campuses, Elangeni focuses on providing students with skills and knowledge that will help them integrate into the greater South African workforce. 

With this mission in mind, Elangeni has placed their campuses in areas suffering from high rates of unemployment and illiteracy, with large segments of the population between ages 18 and 30. This strategy exists to ensure that those who may be in greatest need of advanced vocational training are provided with an opportunity to succeed. Students may choose to study in-person full time, or part-time or may take advantage of distance learning, depending on their program of choice. 

Programs available to students include:

  • Safety in Society – teaching governance, policing, and criminal justice.
  • Finance, Economics, and Accounting – teaching accounting, financial management, and skills related to the creation of new business ventures.
  • Engineering – students may study electrical engineering or mechanical engineering.
  • Business – teaches entrepreneurship, computer skills, sales, communications, and office skills. Students can focus on business management or management assistant.
  • Electrical Infrastructure Constructions – line work, electronics management, electrical workmanship, electrical systems construction. 
  • Engineering and Related Design – focused on skills for machining, welding, automotive or engine repair, tool and die making.
  • Human Resource Management – computer skills, management communications, merchant law, personnel management and labour relations. 
  • Information Technology & Computer Science – electronics, computer systems, systems analysis, programming, and other skills related to computer systems work. 
  • Hospitality – food preparation, hospitality services and general principles. 
  • Civil Engineering and Building Construction – construction planning, materials management, construction technology, carpentry. 
  • Tourism – client services, human relations, sustainability. 

Campus Life

Students at Elangeni will enjoy a campus life that offers social activities such as soccer, volleyball, netball, campus clubs, and access to life skills and other useful counselling services. Elangeni offers assistance with household budgeting for students who may not have knowledge or experience in this area, to help them manage their money in the best way to ensure financial stability in life. Students who are curious about what kind of education they can expect should browse the TVET Colleges South Africa web page to view preview videos and access resources for those struggling to learn during COVID-19. 

Students at Elangeni will also enjoy access to a wide selection of cultural programs. As recently as December 2020, Elangeni offered students programs such as a Zulu cultural connection, women in policing group, and groups supporting young women in traditionally male occupations such as civil engineering. Students can also access a psychologist for help with life problems or problems relating to their education. 

Minimum Qualifications

Those seeking admission to Elangeni to pursue a National Certificate (Vocational) must have at the very minimum a Grade 9 Pass or the equivalent. Elangeni does recommend that students have a higher level of qualification, but students with a Grade 9 Pass will be considered for admission to Elangeni. 

How to Apply

Elangeni TVET College is a highly popular choice for students in the Durban area. Admissions are therefore frequently booked, and students are encouraged to apply early. The application deadline is firm, and prospective students who miss the deadline will not be considered for admission for the semester in question. Students may apply in-person or online. 

In-Person Application 

To apply for admission to Elangeni in person, students may present to any Elangeni campus with their national ID and copies of their most recent schooling reports. Bring copies of any national examination scores you may have. You will also need a municipal billing document or other account statement showing residency within the last three months. 

A student liaison officer will help you gather the necessary application forms and submit them to the college for consideration. Prospective students should bring payment to the college when they come; kindly note that payment in cash is not accepted at Elangeni. Contact the nearest branch to you for specific details on enrolment fees and registration fees that may be required in the program of your interest.   

Online Application

Elangeni does not currently support online applications through their college website. Students who prefer to apply online may make an application to Elangeni through the Central Applications Office. You will need your national ID, copies of your most recent school grade reports, and copies of your national examination scores if applicable. You may be required to pay a fee before completing your online application, so have a means of online payment ready. 

Academic and Bursary Assistance

Student liaison officers can provide prospective students with information regarding academic support, life skills, and study skills programs that may be available on or in connection with their local Elangeni campus. Students who wish to enquire about bursary assistance may also contact their student liaison officers. Financial aid may be available to you, depending upon your life and financial circumstances. Qualified students may also be eligible for transport or accommodation allowances. 

Students wishing to apply for bursary assistance or financial aid will need:

  • Certified copy of student ID
  • Certified copies of the national ID from parent or guardian
  • Residential address
  • Salary information for parents/guardians
  • Sworn affidavits, if parents/guardians are unemployed
  • Proof of death, if parents/guardians are deceased
  • National IDs of family members
  • Age and educational status of household members
  • Any student test results or qualifications


How will students know which classes to register for at Elangeni? Once your application has been completed and processed, students will sign a code of conduct and pay any applicable registration fees before completing course registration. The nature of the vocational programs on offer at Elangeni makes the registration process very simple for students: once you log in to the portal, your available courses will be on display. The courses proceed in an orderly manner from beginning to end of your training, so the process is fairly easy to follow. Students will log in to the Elangeni online portal using their student identification and simply follow the prompts to complete their registration. 

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