AFDA Application process, Courses and Requirements

AFDA was created more than 25 years ago by notable figures in the south African society by Gareth Holmes, Bata Passchier, and Deon Opperman. From its early years, there were only six students that first enrol in the school. According to reports in its early beginnings, the school only has VCR, a damaged television set, but today it has transformed into one of the leading technical schools in South Africa. Presently, AFDA has over 3000 students in South Africa, and it is growing. The school is projected to have more than 5000 students by 2025. The school has a permanent academic staff of 260, including non-academic staff. They now have four fully equipped and modern technology installed campuses in South Africa.

These campuses are in major cities like Johannesburg, Capetown, Durban, and Port Elizabeth. Over the years, the school has graduated more than 10,000 leading actors/actresses and top filmmakers in South Africa. This has made a crucial contribution to the success of the South Africa entertainment sector. AFDA is a registered school under the South African government, specifically under the South African school of motion picture medium and live performance. It is important to note that AFDA is not government-owned. It is a privately owned school that offers DHET accredited degree and certificate programmes.

AFDA is has a registration number 2001/HE07/012, under the South Africa higher education act. DHET accredits all the degree and certificate programmes. They annually participate in re-accreditation and quality assurance of all their programmes on all four campuses. These programmes are recognized by notable South Africa education bodies such as the Council of higher education (CHE) and the South African Qualifications Authority, also known as SAQA. The study Options in AFDA comprises Four undergraduate degree programmes. AFDA presently offers four undergraduate degree programmes; the school is working towards adding more degree programmes in the next few years. The degree programmes are:

  1. Bachelor of Arts (BA) in motion picture medium

This degree program is available on all four main campuses (Durban, Johannesburg, Capetown, and Port Elizabeth). The programs’ duration is three years, and it has been accredited by the South African qualifications’ authority with NQF level 7 and SAQA ID 35934.

Bachelor of Arts (BA) in live performance

This programme is available on the four main campuses. It is a 3-year full-time programme, and there is no option for part-time studies.

  1. Bachelor of Commerce

This undergraduate programme is closely related to accounting; for students looking for something close to accounting, this programme is appropriate. Only three campuses are offering this programme. Those campuses are Johannesburg, Cape town, and Port Elizabeth. It is a 3-year full-time programme rated NQF level 7.

  1. Bachelor of Creative Writing

Students interested in scriptwriting and the English language or probably see themselves having a future in Acting. This undergraduate programme is suitable for them. It is a 3-year full-time programme, with no part-time study option. It is located on only two campuses (Johannesburg and Cape town). SAQA has not yet given it an NQFlevel, but it has a SAQA ID of 112550.

The three higher certificates in AFDA are:

  1. Higher Certificate in Film, TV, and production

This certificate is awarded after a 1-year full-time study with NQF level5 and SAQA ID 90741. Students can attend the programme on the four main campuses.

  1. Higher Certificate in performing Arts.

This is a must-have certificate for people in the entertainment industry or showbiz business. It is also a 1-year programme with NQF level 5 and SAQA ID 99532.

  1. Postgraduate Diploma in Innovation

It is located on AFDA campuses in Johannesburg and Cape Town. It is a One-year programme with NQF level 8.

  1. Postgraduate Master of Fine Arts

This programme is a full-time study with one-year full time and a 2-year part-time option. It is rated NQF level 9 with SAQA ID number 96800.

The application process for AFDA is an online application, and it is an easy and straightforward process. It only requires you to go to the AFDA website at A section of their website shows ‘apply now’ and follows the instructions on the web page. For the online application, you have to adhere to four steps. These steps must be completed and submitted. Listed below are the four main steps to follow when registering online.

   First Step: Selection of Courses.

   Second Step: Personal details.

   Third Step: Education details.

   Fourth Step: Motivation.

After completing all these steps, you must select which year of study you want to apply for and which AFDA campus you would like to commence for your study. After doing all these steps, you submit. Within five working days, an email will be sent to you containing your registration details.

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