Top 10 Zimbabwe’s Most Influential People Of All Time

These are the most influential people in Zimbabwe’s history. This means that the individuals on this list have had a significant effect on how regular people live their lives.

They have set a legacy that will inspire generations today and the generations to come.

These Celebrated people are proudly Zimbabwean, have represented the country in their respective fields and have made real impact in the lives of the general public.

They are always proud to lift our country’s flag wherever they go. Below, we list the top 10 Zimbabwe’s most influential people of all time.

10. Charles Mungoshi

Charles Mungoshi has contributed a lot to our literature as Zimbabweans. An accomplished writer and poet who started in the eighties.

His novels are a big part of our reading culture in Zimbabwe and his work has inspired so many young writers in the country.

Mungoshi has won so many awards and has been honored by many writers organizations. His work will always be relevant for generations to come.

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