Top 10 Ugly Ugandan Celebrity Break-Ups

Over the years, we’ve seen celebrity couples come and go and while celebrity breakups seem to be the norm rather than the exception, there are still a handful of them we can’t seem to get over.

Here are 10 Ugandan celebrity couples we always thought were endgame but that just didn’t work out.

1. Iryn Namubiru and Gabriel Epenu

These two love birds were once one of the most talked about couple. Singer Iryn and TV news anchor Gabriel had one of the best relationship until the later was involved in a nasty accident.

After the accident, a bed ridden Epenu was neglected by the love of his life. To make matters worse, his mother warned Iryn never to step foot near his house or risk losing her legs.

She decided to call it quits with Gabriel ending this celebrity relationship.

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