These Are The Real Names Of Your Favorite Ugandan Celebrities

Knowing them by their stage names doesn’t translate into getting to know them by their real names.

Though this may be how they want or prefer us to know them, the curious nature of man has made us dig deep to find out the real names of some of these celebs – believing that being a real fan of a celebrity goes beyond just knowing their nick/stage names.

Some of these names sound funny anyway, probably, that is the reason why they have kept it away from the public but some others sound interesting.

So, here are your favorite Ugandan celebs and their real names, we hope you’ll find them interesting. Take a look

1. A Pass – Alex Bagonza

A Pass music is fast gaining popularity with hits such as “WUUYO”, “TULI KUBIGERE”, “AM LOVING”, ”MARIANA” & “MUMPULIRA” dominating the Ugandan airwaves as the some of the most frequently requested songs on the popular radio stations such as Sanyu FM, Capital FM and Radio City.

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