Top 10 Best Dressed Politicians In Kenya

Oscar Wilde an Irish playwright once said , “A well-tied tie, is the first serious step in life.” And some men, especially politicians, have taken this step more seriously.
In Kenya, there are some male politicians who have strong desire for fashion and have shown that “looking good isn’t self-importance; but it’s self-respect.”

Below is the list of the top 10 male politicians who always look dapper in their outings.

1. Ali Hassan Joho

To say the ‘emperor’ of Mombasa County is elegant is an understatement. The man who represents County 001 is ‘swaggerific’ and trendy. Some admirers would say he’s “the one every outfit seem to adore.”

Be it in casual, official or religious attire, Joho’s frame has ways of making clothes look good with his chic sense of the occasion.

Even baseball caps and gangster sunglasses have ways of appearing like they were custom-made for him and nobody else.

His choice of denim pants, cuffed khakis, time pieces and loafers is spot on, such that one can safely say his recent boxed, dyed beard, Arab garb, janbiya (dagger) secured by a scarf and madigaga (sunglasses) got tongues wagging in admiration of his sartorial flair. Is he the hottest governor?

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