Top 10 Sexiest Female Gospel Musicians in Kenya

These are top 10 sex’iest female gospel musicians in Kenyan music industry.

1. Linet Masiro (size 8)

Linet Masiro Munyali professionally known as Size 8, is a Kenyan singer, songwriter and actress.

In April 2013, Size 8 shifted from the secular industry to gospel and went to release her first and critically acclaimed gospel single “Mateke”.

Size 8’s baffling beauty forces her to be in this list of the top ten sexy female gospel singers in Kenya.

2. Laura Karwirwa

2015 was worthwhile for the singing sensation Laura Karwirwa, this was after she made her official debut with the single Natamani Nikuone.

Laura’s singing prowess has been fully showcased throughher songs; Mtetezi and Natamani Nikuone.

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