Top 10 Richest Pastors In Uganda 2019

Churches in Uganda are uncountable . Some churches, do emerge because of the lifestyles of their head pastors

It is known that Pentecostal churches are always business-minded , this is why the pastors of these churches have lots of money,

Hence, we reveal how much these pastors worth based on the properties and businesses they own.

Below, we bring you a list of the richest pastors in Uganda 2019.

1. Pastor Robert Kayanja

Church: Rubaga Miracle Centre cathedral

He is the brain behind Kapeeka Orphanage and Primary School. He has a television station known as Miracle TV Channel 44.

He owns a big mansion that is seated on three acres of land on the shores of Lake Victoria in Kawuku Bunga.He also has another one in Ntinda.

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