Top 10 Richest Musicians in Uganda 2018

With relevance to the reputation of Forbes as the biggest ranking organization across the globe, we’ve decided to present to you the list of top 10 richest musicians in Uganda 2018, who as of now rocks the Ugandan music industry.

Meanwhile, the list is precisely in accordance with Forbes’ ranking.

10. Goodlyfe Crew

This group is known for the millions it has continuously made from its fast-selling songs. Other than the patches of land owned by the Goodlyfe Crew, the group has a number of assets which are inclusive of some apartments located in Makynde.

Under the management of the duo of Alan Kiwanuka and Jeff, the Goodlyfe Crew has persisted in earning returns from its music.

9. Haruna Mubiru

Currently, Haruna Mubiru boasts of his wealthy presence in the music industry as the originator and manager of Kream Production.

Likewise, Haruna Mubiru, who was previously part of Eagles Production, possesses several assets, ranging from apartments and high-end cars, located in Kabowa.

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