Top 10 Richest Men in Tanzania 2018

Tanzania’s rapid economic growth is as a result of some business moguls who have contributed much in the labour sector.

These influential moguls have created employment opportunities for the Tanzanian people and by reason of this, Tanzania currently brags of its position as one of the developing economies in East Africa.

Below are the names of the influential multi-millionaires who have set out their riches as an establishment on which the economic growth of Tanzania can be further reinforced.

1. Mohammed Dewji

Net Worth :$1.5 Billion

Having buttressed his wealth with 75% ownership of METL Group, Mohammed Dewji has been regarded as the youngest billionaire on the list of 50 richest Africans 2017.

Mohammed Dewji’s wealth resulted from his successful business enterprise which he established after obtaining the ownership of some production plants owned by the Ugandan government. 

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