Top 10 Richest Localities in Kampala

Many Ugandans admire to know the wealthiest people living in the country. They often talk about some of the places where these rich people reside.

Theses are places with good roads, clean environs, expensive cars, mansions and a well organized settlement .

Here is the List of the top 10 wealthiest places in Kampala.

1. Muyenga

Most people know Muyenga and it’s true, it’s not for the ones without a “gold” heart. It is strategic, only 30 minutes from town and on hill, the famous “Tank hill”.

It is losing its glory to other upcoming and better residential areas but certain factors maintain its pedigree.

Some popular names such as the IGP Kale Kayihura, Rebecca Kadaga, the minister for transport and roads, Kirumira, Kisozi and several other high profile people not forgetting the hotels, offices, high rent and high land value.

This is your typical definition of the richest neighborhoods in Kampala. Picture a Ugandan Beverly Hills of sort.

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