Top 10 Most Successful Kenyan Celebrities Without A University Degree

Is having a degree essentially for a lucrative life? Not necessarily, as there are plenty of highly successful people who never completed a degree, including Bill Gates, Thomas Edison and Princess Diana etc.

In Kenya, there are some celebrities who never cared for a university degree.

Below we profile a list of some top famous Kenyan Celebrities who dropped out of school or never went to, yet became popular for their diligent work, ability and obviously, good fortune! have made it in life without a degree.

10. Prophet Dr Kanyari

The famous bishop came to limelight after an expose done by then KTN investigative journalist Mohamed Ali.

Despite dropping out of school at form 2, the Salvation Healing Ministry preacher has managed to make millions from his church business.

He is said to charge ”310” as an offering per person in his church. His flashy lifestyle has been a talk of the town for the past years.

He owns a multimillion mansion along Kangundo Road and a fleet of cars.

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