Top 10 Most Stylish Young Kenyan Women

Fashion will always be part of art, and hence both art and fashion will always be related.

Apparently, fashion plays such big roles in shaping these stylish female celebs along with their unique and eccentric styles of art to be the kind of women they are today.

It also seems like the more unique the fashion style is, the stronger the impressions are to create new icons out of themselves.

Here we picked 10 most stylish young Kenyan women that might inspire you!

1. Joy Kendi

She is best known to us as an actor but she has since delved into fashion and has not looked back since.

She even started her own blog where she shared her personal style and tips on how to look good without breaking the bank.

She is also very daring with her hair from rocking long hair to a short blonde Afro. Her style is very easy to put together and achievable.

2. Neomi Ng’ang’a

Remember when all the clothes were made for size zeros. Thankfully times have changed and now plus size is the new black. 

Neomi Ng’ang’a is very stylish and she plays around with various looks. She is also very passionate about plus size women and has gone ahead to become a fashion icon for many young girls.

3. Elseba Odera

Elseba Odera is a communication graduate and she is very passionate about Public Relations.

Her style is very bohemian with hippie influences. She also experiments a lot with food.

She enjoys hiking, swimming, running and taking walks. She admits that her most important accessory is her many pairs of earrings.

4. Patricia Kihoro

She prefers to define her fashion as ‘eclectic’.  The radio presenter and actor has over the years stood out because of her style. 

She admits to her love for African fabric ranging from Lesos, Kikois and Kitenge. Kihoro looks up to Wendy Kimani and Grace Msalame as her fashion icons.

5. Ruth Nzomo

If there the world could be different shades of pink, this lady would be the happiest.

Her favorite color is pink, nail polish pink, everything pink. Nzomo hopes to pursue a career in Oncology and help achieve a cancer free world.

While she would love to help people as an Oncologist she knows that she will continue to pursue fashion.

6. Anita Nderu

She first broke out as a TV host for the Teen Republik show. She has now transitioned to radio and but she has a very hip style of dressing.

She has often admitted to her love for shoes and she is not shy about showing it.

7. Betty Kyalo

Betty continues to grace our TV screens during prime time and she manages to look good and keeps it decent.

She embraces bold colors and a happy smile to go with it. Her hair always looks good; it does help to have an in-house make-up artist.

8. Diana Opoti

Many know her as the Director at Artemis Media and an executive producer for magazine format, Design Africa.

Opoti is also a fashion and brand consultant and she recently ran an online campaign dubbed #100DaysofAfricanFashion.

This saw her transverse the African continent sampling designers’ works and showcased them in a hundred days. She hopes to successfully change the narrative about African fashion.

9. Sharon Mundia

She is known as ‘This is ess’ and a presenter at Capital FM. She is one of the young women who have managed to make money from fashion blogging.

In her blog she shares her personal styles and recently beauty care tips.

10. Grace Msalame

We have seen her grow right in front of our eyes. Msalame has continuously reinvented herself and she is now one of the most stylish TV personalities in Kenya. She is known to dress her curves and is a fashion icon to many.

Fashion is what is trendy but style is when you put in a bit of yourself in an outfit.

Expensive simply does not mean better and cheap is not necessarily ugly. Remember it is all about comfort and decency.

Be sure to share with us those ladies that you feel are stylish young women but have not been included in the list.

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