Top 10 Most Famous Kenyan Celebrity Couples Who Are Also Business Partners

It’s no secret that the majority of your favorite celebrities have side hustles that are separate from what made them famous.

And while having an extra bit of income on your own is absolutely fantastic, there are some Kenyan celebrities who have also chosen to build businesses with their partners — and have become pretty successful because of it.

Here are 10 Kenyan celebrity couples who have gone into business together.

1. Size 8 and DJ Mo – The Muraya’s vlog

The Muraya’s are such an eye candy. It’s been a couple of years since they tied a knot, and they are are still going strong both working hard in their careers and business venture to make both ends meet.

The Muraya’s vlog highlights the life of a young growing family. The two also run a Day Care in BuruBuru phase 1, called God’s Gift.

Size 8 is a young mum and DJ Mo being entrepreneurial, explains their choice of a daycare business.

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