Top 10 Most Expensive Schools In Mauritius 2019

The education system in Mauritius is based on the British system as it is a former British colony.

It is generally split up into pre-primary, primary, secondary and tertiary. The teaching of English and French is compulsory in all schools.

Children enter primary school at age 5 and study for 6 years towards their certificate of primary education.

We all agree that getting a better is always costly. And
with thorough research, these are the most expensive schools in Mauritius and their fees structures.

These schools give their students the necessary skills, knowledge and attitudes to become mature minded people of tomorrow’s world.

1. Westcoast International Secondary School (WISS)

Tuition Rates: 60,000 Rs for registration + 16,0-0 Rs per monthThis is the only English-medium secondary school on the west coast of the island.

Students study the International Middle Year Curriculum (IMYC) in early stages, then follow a curriculum established for the IGCSE.

Students study at least six subject areas which are required by the International Baccalaureate (IB) in Forms 6 & 7.

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