Top 10 Kenyan Male Celebrities Who Are Apparently Really Good In Bed

Many celebrities are considered s3x symbols, yet we don’t know a thing about how well they perform in the bedroom.

Luckily some of the people who have experienced the most notoriously s3xy (or least desirable) celebrities’ bedroom talents have opened up about their one-on-one romantic moments.

Check out our list of the Kenyan celebrities who are good in the bedroom.

1. Willy Paul

Sorry that I had to start with a gospel artiste, but come on this is one of the gospel’s bad boy and trust me, a man can’t hook up with so many women if his game was boring.

Willy Paul hooks up with very beautiful women and with all the scandals you can be sure there’s something spectacular ladies get.

Plus he has a hot, masculine body and his dance moves can give you a hint of what he can do behind closed doors.

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