Top 10 Kenyan Celebrities Who Used To Be Rich But Now Broke

Have you ever wondered how you’d fare if you amassed millions of dollars? Many assume that if they struck it rich, they’d never have to worry about money again.

the reality is that even those with big money can lose big. After all, even highly paid stars struggle with their spending.

While it’s hard to believe, there have been a decent number of celebrities over the years who have been forced to file for bankruptcy, some even going through periods of homelessness.

From lawsuits to unwise spending and lavish living, it happens time and again. Here’s a roundup of Kenyas celebrities who’ve lost it all.

10. Kalamashaka

These are the legends credited for starting hip-hop movement in Kenya. They were so popular that they travelled all over the world.

But currently, they are totally broke, one of their group member is rumoured to sell njugus in pubs around Umoja estate.

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