Top 10 Kenyan Celebrities Who Used To Be House Helps

Working as a house help should not work to demean anyone in this line of sidelined profession, on an international level, being a nanny turns out to be a lucrative career.

However it is in Kenya, that these unfortunate employees are looked down upon irregardless on their level of education.

Being a nanny, is rather a level in ones career, it goes down in one’s mindset.

Here are top 10 Kenyan celebrities who started working as house helps.

1. Nyota Ndogo

Nyota Ndogo’s story is one of the most powerful stories I have ever heard. She came from a humble background and from a family of six she decided that she had to make ends meet.

She dropped out of school when she was only in class 7. She started working as a maid when she was 15 when she was paid KSh 1,500 for her services.

That is where she started composing her own music and when she was introduced to a certain producer he was impressed with her music and decided to take her on.

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