Top 10 Kenyan Celebrities Who Look Way Younger Than Their Age

Do not refresh your screen, do not check to see if you’ve traveled through time, and do believe your eyes: you are looking at some of the hottest Kenyan celebrities of our time who have seemingly not aged a day in years. Perhaps they’ve found the fountain of youth.

Whatever it is, it sure works well for them. Here’s our compilation of 10 Kenyan female celebrities who age very well.

1. Julie Gichuru 

Who wouldn’t want to look like Julie at 45 years? Well, we pray that God favours us with her graceful aging when we are her age.

\At 45, she has 4 kids, she is an entrepreneur and quite healthy. From her Instagram you can tell that she is committed to working out and has a healthy every day regime that is working for her.

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