Top 10 Influential Kenyan Women Who Made it in Tech

The number of women in IT and technology roles has always been dramatically lower than that of men.

Employers are trying their utmost to employ more women in the sector but there seems to be a lack of women entering the tech sector.

This is mainly due to IT and technology being deemed as a male dominated subject to study at school and therefore females are choosing alternative subjects to study.

However, Here In Kenya, there are a number of women who proves technology is indeed a money making machine. Below are 10 of the most influential Kenyan women who made it in tech.

1. Shikoh Gitau

Shikoh Gitau is founder of Ummeli, Guitings Education Trust and TaaSisi. Shikoh, has 10+ years of experience in ICT4D technology design & implementation.

She has established expertise in both African and other Emerging Markets research and design practice with a specialized interest in issues pertaining to the development and use of technology in resource poor communities. She currently leads the User Innovation efforts at Mercy Corps.

In this role, Shikoh uses insights drawn from continuous and constant interaction with various communities to inform design and product development for the marginalised communities.

Prior to Mercy Corps, Shikoh worked as a User Experience Researcher with Google primarily focusing on Emerging Market Users, she has also worked in various capacities both with the private sector and non-government organizations in Kenya and South Africa.

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