Top 10 Hottest Tanzanian Female Celebrities At The Moment

Tanzania as a nation has some of the most beautiful women in the world.

Therefore, discussion about Tanzania cannot be complete without mentioning the beautiful women the country is gifted for

Despite the fact that the country has been facing a lot of challenges both economically, socially and otherwise, These female celebrities in Tanzania has maintained heir gorgeous and breathtaking looks.

These Celebrities ooze nothing less than immense beauty, curves that will have any man drooling.

They also have a knack for running businesses, and most of them use their huge social media following to rake in big money.

Below, we profiles a list of the top 10 hottest Tanzanian female celebrities at the moment

10. Jokate Mwegelo

When it comes to mentioning accomplished women in Tanzania Jokate Mwegelo fits that profile.

Mwegelo is on top of her game as currently, she is the Kisarawe, district commissioner.

She is also an actress, host, singer and influential entrepreneurs who continue to use her skills to remain relevant in Tanzania.

In 2017, her name was included in Forbes 30 under 30, and in that same year, she was named one of the most influential young Africans. 

Jokate has a Degree in Political Science and Philosophy and founded the company Kidoti that sells synthetic hair extensions, bags and sandals. 

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