Here are 5 Kenyan Celebrities who have been arrested and served jail time

Kenyan celebrities are not above the law (although certain exceptional circumstances might have you asking questions).

Just like any citizen, if a celebrity is involved in illegal activities, they will face the long arm of the law.

Here is a list of local celebs who have served time over the years.

1. Majirani

Before we all knew him as the ‘Hivo Hivo Ndo Kunaendanga’ hit-maker, Majirani was a jailbird.

In 2011, Majirani decided to quit his degree in Criminology at the University of Nairobi, Eldoret Campus and chose to pursue music instead. But a calamity befell him after he quit school; he spent a whole year in jail.

Speaking to SDE in a past interview Majirani said “A week after quitting campus the worst happened. I was arrested by cops while on my way home from a gig.

I was locked in the cells where I had a brawl with one of the inmates who we had a misunderstanding. I wasn’t lucky enough as within no time I was remanded in Narok Prison without being granted an opportunity to defend myself or bailed out.”

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