The 10 Greatest Kenyan Hip Hop Songs Of All Time

These are without doubt the 10 greatest hip hops songs in Kenya.

1. Fanya Mambo – Kalamashaka

Kalamashaka were among the pioneers of Kenyan Hip Hop. They made it possible for other cats to realize that it was possible to do a Hip Hop song in Kenya and people would listen.

Fanya Mambo was the first Kenyan song to ever get played on Chanel O. It was Hip Hop classic no doubt. And for that, we salute K-Shaka.

2. Mizani – Wenyeji

Soma dibaji ya wenyeji inasemeje. The word play and delivery on this track was worked out to perfection. It can be equated to Van Gogh’s brilliance on a painting.

I wish these guys were still releasing music. Unfortunately they aren’t. I doubt if they’re even intending to. , Zaka got saved and chilled out. I don’t know where the other guy disappeared to but I hope he’s safe.

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