Top 10 Most Expensive Schools In Egypt 2018

Every parent admire to choose the best schools for their children, and in Egypt, the best schools are the most expensive ones.

In fact, they would also want to know which schools are the most expensive, and after a thorough research, our team have compiled a list of Egypt’s most expensive schools.

These schools ,posses a well equipped laboratory , have well-trained teachers and moreover, the academic performances their students are always excellent etc.

Below is the list of the top 10 most expensive schools in Egypt 2018.

1. Cairo American College (CAC)

The over 70-year-old international-education institution offers one of the finest American programmes in Cairo, which comes at a hefty price.

CAC, located in the heart of Maadi’s Degla area, charges $23,600 for KG students through to grade 5, with grades 6-8 jumping up $24,100 and having a slight increase to $24,300 starting from grade 9 until 12.

Putting one child through CAC would cost a total sum of $310,400, equivalent to slightly over EGP 5.5 million, making it the most expensive school in Egypt.

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