Top 10 Best Secondary Schools in Mauritius 2018

Secondary education in Mauritius begins after the completion of primary school. It is therefore compulsory for all students aged 12 to 16, and optional for students of ages 17 to 20.

Secondary school typically lasts for seven years, termed as Form 1, Form 2, Form 3, Form 4, Form 5, Lower 6 Form, and Upper 6 Form. With this, knowing the best secondary schools in Mauritius would help everyone choose the right schools for their children.

 Our Secondary school rankings is based on the resources these schools have, how better  their laboratories are , well-trained teachers and the academic performances their students. 

Below is the list of the top 10 best secondary schools in Mauritius 2018.

1. St Joseph’s College

St Joseph’s College is a publicly funded Roman Catholic all-boys secondary school.Founded in 1877 by the Brothers of the Christian Schools, the administration was transferred to the Diocese of Port Louis in 1985.

The college has been providing free education since 1977. The school forms part of the Elite colleges in Mauritius.

The college obtained its first laureate in the year 1947 named Boulle Bernard and his brother Boulle Michel succeeded him in 1948.

The Rector Mr Serge Ng TaT Chung, former student and teacher at the college received the insignia of Member of the Order of the Star and the Key of the Indian Ocean for his contribution into the education sector.

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