Top 10 Best Public Secondary Schools in Kenya 2018

Education is a very important part of life. Especially, in this era where information is the most valuable notion and the most dangerous weapon.

There is no good future without education. Therefore education has become one of the highly perspective investment in our whole life.

In Kenya, the Rush for spaces in national secondary schools  is because of the resources they have, better laboratory equipment, well-trained teachers, and the way they approach education. 

Moreover, due to scarcity of resources to ensure the quality of education is better in public schools, the ministry of education normally offer an affirmative action to ensure that students who studied in public primary schools that managed to score highly ,are first considered for the available spaces in the national secondary schools in Kenya.

Below is the list of the best public secondary schools in Kenya at the moment.

10 Moi Girls’ High School Eldoret

This school, formerly known as the Highlands School, changed its name to Moi Girls Eldoret in 1978. This institution,  initially established in 1928, is located close to Eldoret town in Uasin Gishu County.

Moi Girls Eldoret is a Christian non-denominational school that offers the 844 secondary school curriculum. Every young woman who passes through this institution receives high quality education, and has the opportunity to be equipped as a 21st Century leader.

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