Top 10 Best Private Secondary Schools in Kenya 2019

Education will help you in various aspects of life. We all agree that secondary education helps the young ones in preparation for employment and life after school.

High school is where one develops interest, talents, or skills that will help them when selecting an area of specialization later in higher institutions of learning.

At this stage of transition, it is essential to pick a versed institution that will help a student develop his/he potentials.

Below , our team have prepared a list of the best private secondary schools in Kenya 2019.

10. Chemelil Sugar Academy

Located within the compound of Chemelil Sugar Company in Kisumu County, this academy has both a primary school and a secondary school.

The secondary school, staffed by highly qualified and experienced personnel, has consistently attained very high standards of performance in both KCSE examinations and extra-curricular activities.

Chemelil Sugar Academy is one of the few mixed secondary schools in Kenya that offers a high level of discipline combined with good educational standards.

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