Top 10 Amazing Places To Visit In Mauritius

These are 10 amazing places every Mauritian must visit at least once in a lifetime.

1. Rochester Falls

Far from the stereotypical image of Mauritius, notably the white sandy beaches with turquoise blue waters and casuarinas trees, the Rochester Falls is another aspect you need to discover.

Tread lightly, breathe the fresh air and immerse yourself in the midst of the luxuriant reserves surrounding the iconic Rochester Falls, located in the the Savanne district of Mauritius, just some 2.5 kilometers away from Souillac (South of Mauritius).

The Rochester Falls is the widest waterfall in Mauritius. It is set in an isolated, wild and lush green area where you can find unique and dramatic cliff faces which have been transformed into jagged rectangular blocks by the force of powerful water over the past hundreds of years.

The cascading waters tumble from a height of 10 meters through the rocky beds of the Savanne River and form a thick foam.

Mesmerizing as it may seem, this spectacular spot serves as an ideal spot for a quick refreshing plunge or a small picnic break.

The breathtaking scenery, cascading waterfalls, pools of clear water and luxuriant greeneries surrounding the region, make it not only a wonderful site to see but also a relaxing experience.

You might also meet some daring and adventurous locals who are willing to jump from high above the cliffs into the pool of water.

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